Why You Should Never Target People Using The Scam Keyword


There are so many marketers who use the keyword scam for example, in the title of their blog post It may be something like ” ABC Company Scam, ” “Is ABC Company A Scam” “Have You Been Scammed By ABC Company” stuff like this. Now of course by doing this you are going to attract negativity in the droves. Yes, your comments may go off the charts, but the type of people you attract are people who are looking for a scam, These are the type of people who are looking for problems not solutions.  Do you really want people like that signing up for your business.

Experience Thermal Spa Luxury on IschiaOkay, if you want to look at this on the positive side all the negative comments on your post may boost your traffic as Google loves social network signals like comments likes shares etc.  And of course that is what all the scam posting bloggers play on..  There is a downside to this if you are selling products and services?  Then it is like jumping in the ocean beside a great white shark with your leg cut off. Shark s love the smell of fresh blood the same way negative whiners and blamers love to find a scam.

So even if you find that you are getting some traffic or customers doing this then remember that after those people are finished  ridiculing ABC company and buy your product. It will be you getting the chargebacks,refunds and negativity directed to your  company next. Remember, people like this do not take responsibility for what they do or do not do.  That means they are always on a witch hunt looking for someone to blame for whatever they lack in life. If you really are wanting good customers who pay you with the least amount of hassle then you should be targeting the buy keywords not all the negative ones.

It drives me crazy when I hear some of these people in scam blogs complaining or whining about a scam or something being a bad product or not making money.  You can take the best product and service and do nothing with it and make no money..  The funny thing is, this is what most of the scam whiners are crying about on these posts. Products they haven’t bothered to promote in many cases they haven’t even listened to them or read them. If you want to build a successful business or a team in your business, then scam posts are the last way to do it,They will  attract negative lazy whiners to your business opportunity.    You need to attract leaders people who work hard, people who work on their mindset and the mindset of their fellow team members.

So next time you hear someone talk about doing scam posts for traffic generation run away in the other direction before you get bombarded with negativity.  Besides, do you really want to be surrounded by negative people on your blog all day?  People normally become like those they are surrounded by so my advice to you would be steering clear of this.  Surround yourself with positivity,leaders people who will motivate and lift you up not bring you down to their very low level..


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Why You Should Never Target People Using The Scam Keyword


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Essential Tools For Marketing Online

How do I turn off notifications in Skype for Mac OS X?



How do I turn off notifications in Skype for Mac OS X?

Arnold Schwarzenegger – The 6 Rules Of Success


Arnold Schwarzenegger – The 6 Rules Of Success

The Definition Of Stupidity With David Wood

In this video David Wood talks about the definition of stupidity this is pretty basic stuff but sometimes people can not see it because it is so simple..

The Definition Of Stupidity With David Wood

The Inner Circle Just Got Better

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The Inner Circle Just Got Better

Why You Need A Visionboard when it comes to your online business having a reason is one of the biggest things that will make you successful. You need to create a vision.

1. A Vision for your business

2. A Vision For Where You Want To Live

3. A Vision For Your Ideal Vacation Or Holiday Home

3. A Vision for what car you want to drive

4. A Vision for your relationships

5. A Vision for your health

6. A Vision for your weekly,monthly or Annual Income after expenses remember to always be specific.

These visions will be your map to where you are going without this map it is going to be very difficult to achieve them. Remember before you go somewhere you decide on your destination. If you have no destination you could end up anywhere.

  • New Tesla Car

  • Coastal Road amalfi drive